The Gallery

About the room

The Gallery Studio is a large (6m x 12m) room with a wooden floor, high ceiling and lots on natural light (depending on the sun!). The room houses a 5" Boudoir Grand piano (Korean Made). In our time we've been used for music*, dance, theatre, education, meetings and more.

*We can't acommodate amplified bands in The Gallery due to noise issues. ie only acoustic instruments and no drums (unless you're playing exclusively with brushes).

What does the room come with?

The room comes with a stereo with CD player, a cable to plug in your iPod (or similar portable jukebox) and a piano. If you require anything else, please ask. 


Two or more people: £13.50

Solo rehearsal: £9


You must give us 72hr (3 days) notice if you want to cancel. If you do not, you will be charged for the full price of your booking.


Some pictures of the Gallery Studio...