The Carpet Room

How Much?

  • £10/hr
  • £7/hr  if you're a solo act (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm only)

What do you provide for that?

We provide...

  • PA
  • Vocal Mics
  • Two guitar Amps
  • One bass Amp
  • 4-piece drum kit (with HH, crash and ride)
  • A lovely café with beer, coffee, cakes and smiles

We ask you kindly to bring your own...

  • Other instruments
  • Guitar leads
  • Beer
  • Talent
  • Groupies

Do you have parking?

Our nice neighbours, The Book Palace allow our clients the use of their parking area of around half a dozen spaces. So that's a yes. But it's not really ours so you can't complain if they're using it. There is also parking on Bedwardine Road. Need a map?

To Book

Ring us on 020 86535200 and ask when we have availability. If you're lucky we could book you in that day, or you can book many years in advance if you prefer!


You must give us 72hr (3 days) notice if you want to cancel. If you do not, you will be charged for the full price of your booking.

Have you got everything?

Should you need anything, we sell sensibly priced leads, strings, and other bits and bobs.

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Need something a bit bigger?


If you're a group of any more than 4 people, you may find The Carpet Room a bit TOO cosy. You can easily fit a dozen or more in The Live Room.

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