In addition to our usual sessions where you are present throughout the process, we also offer 'unattended' editing sessions. You send us your 'stems', we do the editing and return your stems. We could tune a single vocal line, or an entire band.

We charge £7.50 per track (mono or stereo), up to a maximum of £150. There's a minimum cost of £15.

We aim to complete your edits within 3 days of receipt of your files.

What does editing involve?

Editing is cleaning up your recordings so they're ready to mix. Tweaks such as getting the timings right, tuning, fades and structuring this all come under Editing. If this has been done already, or don't think this is needed, you probably want mixing.

The small print

We require £20 to start work on your project. Generally the maximum of £150 allows enough studio time to do your project justice. If, in the unlikely event of us feeling more time is required for your project, we will call you to let you know. If you're not happy with this we will refund your money. If you're at all in doubt, we're a friendly bunch - just call us to chat about it!

How to upload

We like to use wetransfer to send files. Just zip up your tracks and upload them using the button on the right (max 2GB per upload). Please include your contact telephone number and any notes, such as any specifics.

Upload your files