Digital Mastering

If you have made a recording elsewhere and feel it needs a little extra volume, the bass needs tightening up, and there's room for a little extra sparkle, Digital Mastering at Antenna will help. Prices start at just £15 per track.

How do I get my tracks mastered?

First give us a call on 020 86535200 so we can discuss your requirements. Then send us your unmastered tracks via our SoundCloud dropbox (on the right there). This is free and you don't have to register! We will then master your track and send it back to you via SoundCloud.

What file formats do you accept?

You can send us any lossless file format, be it WAV, AIFF or FLAC. Please try to ensure the bit depth is at least 24bit, the sample rate is 44.1KHz, and you have not compressed or limited your file. If any of that did not make any sense to you, don't panic - please call us and we'll happily take you through it all.

Can I attend the session?

Indeed you can. The session will be charged at the Studio 2 rate (starting at £25/hr).

Mastering Examples

Mastering Dropbox

Send us your unmastered tracks