Events hosting

Hire the Café for your event!

It's completely free, and you get the whole café all to yourself!

The only catch is that we require a minimum spend of £150 on the bar. This is usually very achievable over the course of an evening (6pm-11pm) and if you don't quite make that, you'll only have to make up the difference.

If you need the Gallery Studio - let us know. This will usually be fine with the same minimum spend. 

Alternatively, you are welcome to bypass the minimum spend and just hire the Gallery Studio and Café together for £20/hr.

You can put on/bring your own music, but we can also put you together a music playlist for the evening. Of course we've always got our SecretDJ Jukebox so you can queue some up from your own phone while you're here. All for free.

You must be over 24y/o to hire the Café, and sorry, we can't cater for kids parties or 18th/21st parties.

We ask for a £50 deposit to secure the booking that we'll give back to you on the night. To book - come in and say hello, call us or email us!

Got an idea for an event that's a bit different?

  • Email us and let us know!